Colour Makes Your Marque

The colour of a car is both a timeless expression of the owner as well as reflecting the elegance of automotive design. Our team is able to consult owners of totally custom colour or a specific factory specification colour for discerning owners who crave originality. With our years of experience we are able to execute full repainting solutions to exacting specification and finishes.

When The Best Is Your Only Desire

Our Tier 1 Factory Refinish service is the ultimate repainting solution for discerning owners who crave for THE best un-compromised finish. Recommended for competitions and concours events, this complete vehicle respray begins with a base coat selection that is lab mixed directly from the manufacturer. Using an original base coat from PPG® Refinish for a super stable base for the deposition of paint, a premium PPG® Refinish Ultra-High Solids Clear Coat will seal-in the final finish to a luxurious lustre. Our trained technicians have the expertise for a total re-assembly and will perform all relevant software diagnosis and testing on your vehicle before delivery. For this extremely fine finish, a typical turnaround of 8 to 10 weeks applies.

Originality At The Highest Level

Our Tier 2 Dealer Refinish total vehicle respray service offers a refined and sublime paint finish that is recommended for owners who want that original showroom finish! This base coat formulation is done in-house at our bodyshop while using the original base-coat from PPG® Refinish for a even and unmarked paint deposition. Using PPG® Refinish’s High Solids Clear Coat, you can be assured a premium lustre that will stand out from the crowd. Our service includes a full vehicle re-assembly and software diagnostics before being delivered. A turnaround of 6 weeks is required for this meticulous finish to be delivered. 

Meticulously Finished For Your Corporate Needs

Our Tier 3 Fleet Refinish service provides a quality and timely vehicle respray that is ideal for doing an annual refresh of your corporate fleet. Employing an original base coat from PPG® Refinish for excellent paint deposition to maintain excellent colour depth. An excellent Medium-Solids Clear-Coat from PPG® Refinish will top-off your colour choice respray that will bring back the shine to your corporate fleet! Our technicians who will meticulously re-assemble and perform necessary software diagnostics will be able to turnover your vehicle within 4 weeks. 

Can I detail my car and also get restoration options?
- Yes we offer comprehensive restoration options for bodywork, paintwork, interiors, leather, upholstery, headliner and wheels; that can later be combined with your choice of detailing. Remember those sticky switches, dials and knobs? We can repair those too!

Can I add-on to my existing noise and heat insulation in my existing vehicle?
-Yes you can! We will inspect your vehicle and advise on how we can beef-up your noise and heat insulation for a greater level of comfort!.

If my upholstery is too damaged for repair what options do I have?
- Should the section be too worn/damaged for repair, we have specialist that can replace and match panels that need replacement, . We can replace panels made of leather, Alcantara, cloth and a variety of other natural and synthetic fibres.

Do I need to respray my entire car if I have one damaged panel?
- No you don’t have to. Our expert technicians are able to perform re-sprays of individual panels that need repairs without having to re-spray the entire car. Years of experience allows them to colour-match a panel so it matches the rest of the existing paintwork.

Can you perform repairs on panels that will not require a re-spray?
- Yes we can perform select paintless dent repairs on certain types of dings and dents without having to re-spray a panel. Our expert repairer will be able to return your panel to pretty much its pristine state while retaining all of your car’s originality!