When Comfort Is Everything!

Passenger comfort is a primary concern in our local tropical climate where ambient temperature levels can increase to 38°C (100°F). Thermal analysis research has shown that cabin temperature variations in a parked car can be an additional 20 - 30°C above that of ambient temperatures. Our experience with the top window film manufacturers in the last 16-years have provided us with in-depth knowledge on window film technology advancements and acclimatization. We have a selection of the best window film products with class-leading heat rejection performance and incredible clarity for unparalleled comfort!

Making The Right Choice

The ultimate criterion of comfort in window films is by measure of how much heat is blocked from entering your car, or TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) percentage. Infrared radiation is a primary indicator of heat energy in TSER.

Many products on the market claim to have a 99% IRR (Infrared Radiation Rejection) percentage, however; that is irrelevant to actual cabin-passenger comfort as many products make this claim without specifying on which wavelength infrared is actually being rejected. This often leads to the performance of their window films dropping after only 1000nm, thus showing high IRR but resulting in an overall low TSER.

Our high-performance window films have a consistent IRR of 99% for wavelengths up to 2200nm with a TSER rating of up to 80% (Spectra PhotoSync IRD®), making them the industry leaders in heat-rejection.

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