Protecting your brand new vehicle's paintwork is one of the most crucial steps that you can take to ensure long-term durability and an enhanced ownership experience! Whether you're looking for an Si02-based "glass coating" system for ease of maintenance or if you'd be more interested in maximum paintwork protection via the installation of one of our paint protection films, we've got just the right solution for you!

Every car much like their owner has a unique profile, each possessing a different paintwork condition and usage environment. Some are daily drives, whilst others are driven hard on the track. Our team of experienced specialists performs a complete assessment of each vehicle with an array of cutting-edge inspection tools to determine pertinent details like the thickness of the paintwork, what is the quality of the clear-coat as well as to find out driver routines and preferences. Each of these factors would ultimately determine what works best for each car. 

If you'd like to book a consultation with our team to inspect your car and provide recommendations, please feel free to contact us below.

How long can Paintwork Protection Film last?

- A fully installed and maintained ClearGuard Nano Paintwork Protection Film can last up to 10 years and is backed by a warranty from the film manufacturer(terms and conditions apply). 

How do I maintain my car’s exterior after installing Paintwork Protection Film?

- We recommend just a weekly wash. Your Paintwork Protection Film also features an additional SiO2 hydrophobic coating (glass coating) for additional protection which can be renewed every 12 months.

Do I need to wax or polish my car after installing Paint Protection Film?

- Paintwork Protection Film does not require any polishing or waxing of any kind after installation. It will retain its shine just with weekly washes.

Are there any visible seams after the film is applied?

- None at all. All our Paintwork Protection Films are custom measured and cut to each car and we do not use any pre-cut templates. The finish is totally seamless!

What if my existing paintwork is a matte finish?

- For vehicles with a matte finish; we offer Performance Matte V2 Paintwork Protection Film that will blend into your existing matte paintwork. Our other films ClearGuard Nano™ and Defender are gloss based films.

Can I use Performance Matte V2 film to give my existing gloss paintwork a matte appearance?

- Absolutely! Performance Matte V2 can be applied on top of your glossy paintwork to transform it instantly to have a matte appearance.

How does a Paint Protection Film differ from a coating?

- Silicon Dioxide(SiO2) coatings are a semi-permanent, cost-effective protection option against dust, debris and oxidisation that will require an annual renewal. Paint Protection Films are a robust almost permanent form of protection against, dust, debris, oxidisation and stone chips that will last anywhere from 5 to 10 years! Films are usually between 200% to 400% thicker than the original clear coat. Both coatings and Protection Film only require a weekly wash. Both don’t require any waxing or polishing but retain a very vibrant shine and clarity!

How can a coating help retain my cars appearance?
- After a car is detailed, we utilise SONAX® Nano Pro coating from Germany; commonly known as a glass or quartz coating which is tough and durable. Unlike wax, which only lasts about 2 weeks in Malaysian weather, SONAX® Nano Pro coating can last up to year and only requires a weekly wash. SONAX® Nano Pro is a hydrophobic coating which resists dirt and debris and bonds with your top coat to provide a tough, durable and shiny finish!

Does a coating last forever?
- No coating last forever especially in tropical climates. SONAX® Nano Pro will provide good annual protection for your car. We usually recommend an annual detailing program that will also renew your coating for another fuss free year ahead! The good news is; all you need is a weekly wash. No polish or waxing is needed, saving you time and money!

If I choose to use a Paint Protection Film, can I also get it coated?
- Absolutely! Our rugged and durable Paint Protection Films can be coated with our unique Signature Hydrophobic Coating(formulated specifically for paint protection films) for an additional layer of protection while leaving your vehicle with a level of shine that is breathtaking!