Wheel Machining - The wear of use and age, our trained technicians are able to machine your wheels to perfection! 

Wheel Barrel Repair - Undulations and road imperfections will impact the shape and form of your wheels. Our technicians will be able to restore your wheels to their original form to allow you to maximise the performance and handling of your automobile. We will get you rolling again!

Sandblasting - As part of a comprehensive process to restore your wheels, old paint, grit and corrosion will be removed by sandblasting to assure an even and refined finish in preparation for repainting.

Repainting and Refinishing to Factory Specification - The wheels are visually one of the most important elements in any automobile. With our expertise in restoring various types of wheels, we’re able to refinish alloys to their original lustre or repaint them to original factory specification. 

Wheel Balancing - As a final element in our comprehensive wheel restoration service, a final wheel balancing will be performed on every wheel, taking into considering the changes during the restoration process to assure perfect handling characteristics once they’re back on your automobile. 

Can I detail my car and also get restoration options?
- Yes we offer comprehensive restoration options for bodywork, paintwork, interiors, leather, upholstery, headliner and wheels; that can later be combined with your choice of detailing. Remember those sticky switches, dials and knobs? We can repair those too!

Can I add-on to my existing noise and heat insulation in my existing vehicle?
-Yes you can! We will inspect your vehicle and advise on how we can beef-up your noise and heat insulation for a greater level of comfort!.

If my upholstery is too damaged for repair what options do I have?
- Should the section be too worn/damaged for repair, we have specialist that can replace and match panels that need replacement, . We can replace panels made of leather, Alcantara, cloth and a variety of other natural and synthetic fibres.

Do I need to respray my entire car if I have one damaged panel?
- No you don’t have to. Our expert technicians are able to perform re-sprays of individual panels that need repairs without having to re-spray the entire car. Years of experience allows them to colour-match a panel so it matches the rest of the existing paintwork.

Can you perform repairs on panels that will not require a re-spray?
- Yes we can perform select paintless dent repairs on certain types of dings and dents without having to re-spray a panel. Our expert repairer will be able to return your panel to pretty much its pristine state while retaining all of your car’s originality!