Every detailing job isn’t complete without a finishing touch to seal in the quality. As part of our premier detailing solution, our Signature Hydrophobic Coating uses the latest technology to lock in your detailed look!

Employing dynamic water repelling properties, this premium coating solution offers the highest level of hydrophobic protection and allowing water and debris to ‘roll-off’ with minimal effort while retaining a gorgeous shine and clarity of finish.

Unlike other coatings, Signature Hydrophobic Coating composition also provides excellent chemical resistance including acid rain and also UV resistance to ensure your paintwork is protected from the harmful rays of the sun.


How do you finish the SIGNATURE detailing program?

- Our SIGNATURE detailing program offers a premium level of refinement and we want to ensure that our customers will be able to enjoy this premium finish for an extended period of time. Our SIGNATURE Hydrophobic Coating solution ‘seals-in’ the detailing work and ensures it remains durable for up to 5 years.
Using a special primer and accelerator combined with a very fine blend of raw materials to build up this glass coating. Our expertise in combining very precise material ratios and meticulous workmanship allows this coating to fuse precisely with the paintwork, assuring durability, high clarity and a deep shine that will last. The precision of this formulation and its application creates a surface that is highly resistant to staining from acids and UV rays. The extreme smoothness of the finish also ensures superlative water run-off, keeping your SIGNATURE finish looking flawless!

How does a Paint Protection Film differ from a coating?

- Silicon Dioxide(SiO2) coatings are a semi-permanent, cost-effective protection option against dust, debris and oxidisation that will require an annual renewal. Paint Protection Films are a robust almost permanent form of protection against, dust, debris, oxidisation and stone chips that will last anywhere from 5 to 10 years! Films are usually between 200% to 400% thicker than the original clear coat. Both coatings and Protection Film only require a weekly wash. Both don’t require any waxing or polishing but retain a very vibrant shine and clarity!

How can a coating help retain my cars appearance?
- After a car is detailed, we utilise SONAX® Nano Pro coating from Germany; commonly known as a glass or quartz coating which is tough and durable. Unlike wax, which only lasts about 2 weeks in Malaysian weather, SONAX® Nano Pro coating can last up to year and only requires a weekly wash. SONAX® Nano Pro is a hydrophobic coating which resists dirt and debris and bonds with your top coat to provide a tough, durable and shiny finish!

Does a coating last forever?
- No coating last forever especially in tropical climates. SONAX® Nano Pro will provide good annual protection for your car. We usually recommend an annual detailing program that will also renew your coating for another fuss free year ahead! The good news is; all you need is a weekly wash. No polish or waxing is needed, saving you time and money!

Do you finish off your detailing with wax?
- We utilise a SiO2 hydrophobic glass coating to finish off and seal our detailing work. Unlike wax which at best only last 2-weeks in Malaysian weather; our glass coating is highly durable and can last up to a year before it needs to be renewed. It also offers an amazing shine and repels dirt, water and debris.

If I choose to use a Paint Protection Film, can I also get it coated?
- Absolutely! Our rugged and durable Paint Protection Films can be coated with SONAX® Nano Pro for an additional layer of protection while leaving your vehicle with a level of shine that is breathtaking!