Signature Series by AutoDetailer Studio is our acclaimed detailing program where an experienced team of highly-skilled technicians meticulously craft the finest show-car finishes that have won awards in famed concourse events and admiration on showroom floor launches. 

Our bespoke programs are designed to cater to just about every need and desire you want of your supercar or exotic. Signature is about a complete and thorough detailing that exhalts your interior and exterior to a state of complete perfection. 

For vehicles shipped to us from abroad for restoration, we are able to handle all the necessary logistical arrangements so you can have peace-of-mind knowing your prized asset is afforded the best personal care imaginable. The Signature Detailing programme is able to tailor solutions based on your most discerning needs. Signature is about doing only the best. No compromises. 


What is Detailing?
- Detailing an automobile goes far beyond just ‘cleaning’ and ‘washing’ an automobile. Detailing is the art of preparing and presenting an automobile at its best, using experienced specialists to prepare interiors and exteriors. Using specialised techniques, technology and materials to effectively cleanse and prepare every vehicle to perfection!

Which detailing programme is right for me?
- Our ELEMENTS detailing program is designed to be our most accessible and cost-effective detailing option which should cover most interior and exterior detailing needs for most motorist. It is a great starting point into the world of detailing!
-Our SIGNATURE detailing program is a highly specialised detailing option meant for motoring aficionados and for discerning owners looking at a no-compromise, full-on detailing, right down to the last nut and bolt! 

How does your SIGNATURE detailing program differ from ELEMENTS?

- SIGNATURE is a highly advanced detailing program that is also highly customisable to the requirements of each customer. It is a superlative detailing program that will leave no corner untouched! Interior and exterior components will be dismantled, thoroughly detailed and re-assembled meticulously by our technicians ensuring a flawless detailing solution. It is a physically demanding solution that requires many man-hours to craft perfection! 

What does your ‘COMPETITION FINISH’ option entail?

- Our SIGNATURE COMPETITION FINISH is the ULTIMATE detailing option that will leave NOTHING behind. A group of dedicated technicians will work on your vehicle to prepare it for a total teardown, detailing and re-assembly that will meet demanding international concours standards. Meticulous and thorough detailing on your ENTIRE vehicle will ensure every inch of your vehicle is at a competition level; literally every screw is polished; and that’s just the beginning! With at least 300 man-hours to complete your vehicle; COMPETITION FINISH is the hight of detailing to showcase your automobile’s resplendent beauty! 

I have a classic car, is COMPETITION FINISH a suitable option?

- Most definitely! We have worked on many vintage marques over more than a decade and it is not uncommon for classic cars to come in for a COMPETITION FINISH. Most vintage automobiles with decades of use on the road often will need a thorough detailing and COMPETITION FINISH is probably the most suitable option to get your gem of a guilded age looking like brand new again! Many of our customers with vintage automobiles showcase their cars at competitions and concours events. 

Apart from detailing leather, can you detail plastic and other materials?
- Absolutely! Our specialist can also detail plastic, alcantara and numerous other natural and synthetic materials. 

Apart from automobiles; does AutoDetailer Studio offer detailing on motorcycles?
- Yes we also offer detailing on motorcycles and scooters!

Do you finish off your detailing with wax?
- We utilise a SiO2 hydrophobic glass coating to finish off and seal our detailing work. Unlike wax which at best only last 2-weeks in Malaysian weather; our glass coating is highly durable and can last up to a year before it needs to be renewed. It also offers an amazing shine and repels dirt, water and debris. 

I have a regular family car; can I send it in for detailing?
- Of course! We have detailing options for any type of car; from compact to exotic.

I run a company with multiple company vehicles; does AutoDetailer Studio offer detailing for company/fleet cars?
- Yes we do! AutoDetailer Studio can tailor packages that are based on your specific needs and requirements. Come speak to us. We’ll be glad to sit with you to formulate a fleet owners detailing plan.

Do you offer detailing on wheels?
- We offer specific detailing on wheels which entails brake dust and tar removal (for cars on the road), which will then be protected by our Sonax® Wheel Coating System.