ClearGuard Nano SR Paint Protection Film Installed - Mercedes Benz C63S AMG

The handmade 4.0 litre V8 rumbles to life with each start with a sonority that will fill a room! The C63S AMG has got to be one of the fastest 4 door sedans out there, topping the 100km/h mark in just around 4 seconds!
This fleeting teutonic piece of German engineering is at home in the city as well as on the track and deserves the best protection on the market when facing the elements. Known for its absolute clarity and strength, ClearGuard™ Nano SR is THE industry benchmark. Currently the thickest protection film on the market to guard this C63S against stone chips and high impact debris, it also offers a lasting glossy finish!
ClearGuard™ Nano SR features Self-Reconvergence, which allows the film to ‘heal’ from minor abrasions and swirls at a molecular level! Complete with an Anti-Stain formulation, this C63S AMG will be able to resist damage caused by acid etching, bird lime and insects. The molecular structure of this film also ensures a consistently immaculate paint depth!

Clarity Above All Else
With its superior gloss finish and extreme optical clarity; any supercar, exotic or luxury sedan will stand out in any crowd. Paint depth and faithful colour reproduction is exemplary. ClearGuard™ Nano SR virtually invisible upon installation… the choice is; clear!

Protection: When Thickest Is Best
With its extremely durable high-tech polymeric formulation, ClearGuard™ Nano SR is the thickest protection film on the market offering the ultimate protection to your vehicle’s paintwork. From highway cruising, track events or even the challenging city streets; you can be assured of protection against stone chips, high impact debris and dirt; without compromise.

No Stain: Your Gain
Even ClearGuard™ Nano SR features a unique Anti-Stain formula that ensures your paintwork and the protection film itself is protected against acid rain, bird lime, bugs and soil.

Formability: Molecular Perfection
Complex shapes, unusual curves or peculiar vents are nothing uncommon on todays’ sophisticated world of high end motoring and exotic cars. ClearGuard™ Nano SR was designed for your vehicle in mind using a complex molecular structure that allows for this film to fit over the most complex surfaces!

Self Rejuvenation: The Art of Healing
Just as human skin heals; so does ClearGuard™ Nano SR! With just a minor change in temperature or UV exposure, Self-Reconvergence allows the film to ‘heal’ itself as you drive!

Why ClearGuard™ Nano SR is for you
Uncompromised strength, superlative optical clarity, Anti-Stain and Self-Rejuvenation. Designed and engineered for maximum performance for supercars, exotics and luxury sedans and chosen by discerning motorist who only want The Best.

ClearGuard™ Nano SR is virtually invisible upon installation… the choice is literally; clear!
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