How do you turn Candy Electric Blue with 1000hp? 

Transforming this 1000hp R35 GTR has been our latest endeavour and has kept our team busy for the last week! Fitted with a complete HKS GT1000 performance upgrade by Garage R Singapore, this record-breaking R35 had a part of its life wearing Black Obsidian paintwork which we had previous wrapped in a Satin Gold Finish. For 2017, we’re transforming this black rocket with a totally new look with our next-generation Candy Electric Blue Paint Replacement Film! Constructed using real sputter-coated pearlescent paint additives and featuring a superlative glossy finish, most observers can’t tell it’s a paint replacement film! 

The transformation process begins with a full Signature Detailing Program that is designed to get this R35 Skyline GTR in pristine condition before the Paint Replacement Film is installed. Our team began with ensuring the paintwork is fully detailed to ensure a flawless surface. This has two distinct advantages:

1) A perfectly smooth surface for the film to adhere flawlessly!
2) It prepares the paintwork to perfection since it won’t be touched for many years after the Paint Replacement Film is installed!

Our team of detailing technicians who have worked on this epic R35 Skyline GTR for many years, mapped out the paint surface for a thorough detailing using a combination of our latest RUPES polishers! After a full inspection of the detailed surface, our film installation team began the process of measuring and cutting the films to each individual panel. Using a custom-tailored approach to our film installation ensures a seamless fit and maximum protection with virtually no gaps or lines!

This R35 Skyline GTR is ready for the road again after a full detailing and its new Candy Electric Blue Paint Replacement Film! We’re pretty confident its debut on the track with this new colour scheme will definitely turn heads on the grandstand!

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