Permanent Protection For Your Car

Paint Protection Film: Coverage, Clarity & Fit

The heat, UV-radiation, humidity and rain create a perfect storm for damaging your paintwork! Flying debris from pebbles, stones and sand add to the array of damage your vehicle faces on the road.

A paint protection film covers your car’s surface to create a physical barrier than can be up to 400% thicker than your paint’s clear coat! These high-tech automotive grade protection films also seal your paintwork against moisture, UV and stone chips! It exudes a high level of gloss while allowing your paint depth to stand out too! These films are engineered to last the lifetime of your car.

Saving You Time & Money

Having superior protection saves you time and money in the long run! No more annual detailing! No more monthly waxing and polishing! No more sending your car in for paint touchups and stone chips repairs! Just a weekly wash is enough to keep your car shining like new! Paint Protection Film is a semi-permanent solution that once installed, can last for up to 10-years*

Custom Installed & Hand-Tailored To Your Car!

Craftsmanship is the hallmark of all AutoDetailer Studio paint protection film installations! All our films are individually tailored to fit each panel and component to ensure complete protection from the elements and a virtually seamless finish. Unlike pre-cut template films; hand-tailored films provide a perfect fit over every corner of your car; from edge to edge. Complete protection will give you the assurance to take to the road with peace of mind! 

*Terms and conditions apply


Coverage Selections: Choose the type of coverage that’s right for you!

Complete Vehicle Protection provides your vehicle with MAXIMUM protection against stone chips, high impact debris and oxidation or choose Frontal Impact Protection for basic protection.


Complete Car 1AComplete Car 1B

Complete Vehicle Protection - The ultimate solution for a protection solution provides complete coverage for your vehicle against the elements. This includes headlamps, front bumper, full bonnet, left and right side fenders, left & right rear fenders, full boot lid, rear tail lights and rear bumper. 

Frontal Impact 1AFrontal Impact 1B

Frontal Impact Protection - Provides basic protection to key frontal areas of your car that are the most exposed to high impact debris. This includes headlamps, front bumper, full bonnet, left and right side fenders. 

Understanding Orange Peel Refraction: How Is Clarity Affected?

Orange-peel refraction leaves a mottled or a white sheen on the film caused by imperfections. The mottled appearance causes reduced paint depth, inaccurate colour rendition and much reduced gloss. Our top-of-the-line ClearGuard Nano SR® offers the finest clarity of any film on the market.

ADS-2016 - 3

[Top left is our class-leading paint protection film, bottom right is the competition]

Orange peel diffraction is caused by optical imperfections based on a materials consistency and/or manufacture. Typically inferior protection films exhibit high levels of ‘orange peel’ causing the paintwork to appear mottled, dull, textured or even having a dull white sheen. Orange peel is a drastic degradation of the clarity of the film which destroys the colour rendition and the natural shine of the original paintwork. AutoDetailer Studio only employs the best films that offer the highest possible clarity.

ADS-2016 - 1

[Top left side is our high-clarity paint protection film]

ADS-2016 - 2

[Lower right side is the competition]

Custom Tailored Films vs. Pre-Cut Templates: Choosing The Perfect Fit!

Crafting a seamless finish is the hallmark of our custom tailored films. Requiring many labour intensive hours to individually measure and cut our films to fit your car perfectly! A perfect fit is not just about aesthetics, but the total coverage of each panel ensures maximum protection for your vehicle and your peace of mind. Pre-cut templates offer a ‘quick fix’ but we do not use them as they aren’t able to provide the total coverage that can be achieved with a tailored film.

ADS-2016 - 2 1

[Sample of incomplete pre-cut templates]

AutoDetailer Studio custom cuts and fits all our films to each vehicle to ensure a PEFECT FIT with NO PANEL GAPS. Template based films used by competitors are pre-cut and often leave unsightly edges that expose panels to weather and debris. These exposed edges later tend to bubble and gather dirt before finally failing and peeling-off.

ADS-2016 - 4 -1

[Sample of incomplete pre-cut templates]


[Sample of incomplete pre-cut templates]

Custom cut protection films also ensures that our films will be able to cover production variations in automobiles that a template will be unable to accommodate. Our commitment to a PERFECT FIT is based on a highly labour intensive work process that ensures lasting protection that will last many years.

How long can Paintwork Protection Film last?

A fully installed and maintained ClearGuard Nano SR® Paintwork Protection Film can last up to 10 years and is backed by a warranty from the film manufacturer (terms and conditions apply).

How do I maintain my car’s exterior after installing Paintwork Protection Film?

- We recommend a weekly wash.

Do I need to wax or polish my car after installing Paint Protection Film?

- Paintwork Protection Films does not require any polishing or waxing of any kind after installation. It will retain its ability to protect the original paint with reasonable care. As with any paint protection film product, keeping the car parked in a shaded location helps to prolong the lifespan.

Are there any visible seams after the film is applied?

- None at all. All our Paintwork Protection Films are custom measured and cut to each car and we do not use any pre-cut templates. The finish is totally seamless!

What if my existing paintwork is a matte finish?

- With its superior pigment preservation ability and evolved PPF technology, SatinGuard™ is virtually invisible upon application to originally-matte vehicles. SatinGuard™ will also maintain your vehicle’s matte texture without compromising the clarity of the paintwork’s finish!

Can I use SatinGuard™ paint protection film to give my existing gloss paintwork a matte appearance?

- Absolutely! SatinGuard™ can be applied on top of your glossy paintwork to transform it instantly to have a satin to matte appearance.

How does a Paint Protection Film differ from a coating?

- Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) coatings are a semi-permanent, cost-effective protection option against dust, debris and oxidisation that will require an annual renewal. Paint Protection Films are a robust almost permanent form of protection against, dust, debris, oxidation and stone chips that will last anywhere from 5 to 10 years! Films are usually between 200% to 400% thicker than the original clear coat. Both coatings and Protection Film only require a weekly wash. Both don’t require any waxing or polishing but retain a very vibrant shine and clarity!