The Undisputed Classic Matte Finish!

Solid Matte PRF is for those who are seeking to change the appearance of their automobile and when a glossy finish is just too ordinary, our Solid Matte films offer a non-destructive option to visually lift your exterior. Available in a multitude of colours and hues, our professionally applied paintwork replacement films offer a visually stunning departure from the ordinary!

Benefits: Ideal for a non-destructive matte transform with the added benefit of paintwork protection.

Robust Metallic Elegance 

Metallic Matte PRF  is our option of a multitude of metallic paint replacement films provide owners with a non-destructive option to ‘change’ the colour of their car based on a vast palate of colours. Professionally applied by our skilled technicians, the results offer a faithful colour conversion without an intrusive, lengthy and costly bare-metal re-spray. Our metallic paint replacement films also ideal for owners of vehicles that intend to keep a ‘factory colour’ finish intact but want to maintain the flexibility to change the colour at any time.

Benefits: Ideal for a non-destructive metallic-matte colour transformation with the added benefit of paintwork protection.

Stunning Mirror Finishes!

Aluminium Matte PRF  has a lustrous ‘mirror finish’ aluminium paint replacement film will truly make your automobile stand out in the crowd! These films come in a variety of hues and have an unmistakable eye-catching appearance! Your vehicle will certainly be a conversation piece at any event!

Benefits: A totally crowd-pulling mirror finish that will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd while having your paintwork protected.

Take the plunge with a 3D look!

Textured-Effect PRF is for drivers that want more depth in their vehicle’s appearance, a textured paint replacement film offers a different level of of visual aesthetics that goes beyond a ‘gloss or a matte’ look. By having a 3D texture, every curve of your car will be accentuated by the play of light and shadows. Even driving past a street lamp at night or cruising into the sunset will never be the same again!

Benefits: Now you have the added benefit of having a matte transformation that’s also textured to give your car an individual look while protecting your original paintwork.

Bespoke; only for you!

Custom-Manufactured PRF  is for the most discerning drivers often want something unique that is unmistakably theirs. A statement of one’s own personality or perhaps a distinctive style that you want to communicate to others. We offer a unique service to help you create a totally bespoke finish. Why follow others when you can create something that nobody else has! We will be more than willing to assist you in creating your dream finish!

Benefits: A totally bespoke solution that’s individual to your vehicle using a film that is you have designed! Being totally unique, you will have a look that nobody else will have! 

Glossy protection for your carbon fiber!

High-Gloss Carbon-Fiber Protection Film is a protective barrier to protect your carbon fiber panels, components and wheels. Due to the unique properties of carbon fiber, this glossy protection solution will retain the high glossy lustre of your carbon fiber components ensuring the elements will not wear down their luxurious and amazing texture.

Matte Carbon Fiber protection for that original aesthetic!

Matte Dry-Carbon Protection Film is truly for carbon fiber aficionados, our Matte Dry Carbon Protection Film retains the matte carbon fiber look that is visually similar the carbon fiber texture below. Unlike a gloss protection film, this matte protection film retains the sporty yet refined carbon fiber finish that your automobile truly deserves! 


What is a Paint Replacement Film?
- A Paint Replacement Film is a specialised polymeric film that covers your existing paintwork giving you two benefits: a) Protecting your paintwork from debris and dust and b) Allowing you to effectively change the colour of your car as they come in a large palate of colours!

If I apply a Paint Replacement Film, does it damage my existing paintwork?
- No it doesn’t. Paint Replacement Films adhere to the existing paintwork using a special automotive adhesive that is easily removable without damaging your existing paintwork. If you want to revert back to your original paintwork, it will just require the removal of the film. Optionally, you can also change the Paint Replacement Film to another colour of your choice!

Is Paint Replacement Film more cost effective than a full-body respray?
- Most definitely! Unlike a full-body respray which requires many man-hours of preparation before being re-sprayed, Paint Replacement Film requires much less time to prepare and can be installed rapidly. It is also a highly effective option if you like to change the colour of your vehicle often but don’t want to destroy the original paintwork.

Do you have matte options for your Paint Replacement Film?
- Yes we offer matte coloured films with a variety of colours and we also offer matte films with special textures.

Can I make a custom order film to my specific colour and requirements?
- Yes you can! Come by and our friendly specialist will be more than willing to provide more information for a bespoke Paint Replacement Film!