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The process of detailing involves a fair amount of polishing and our technicians spend a great deal of time preparing surfaces before the actual automotive detailing work begins. Using painters tape, all corners, crevices, decals and plastic components. Crevices are typically taped to prevent any polishing residue and compounds from entering these areas.

The edges of panels are typically taped to prevent over-buffing as they tend to be more susceptible to it compared to flatter sections of any panels. The key is to provide a totally even polished finish without damaging the edges. Soft items such as decals also need careful masking to prevent contact with the polishing surface which would otherwise instantly destroy them.

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Plastic components including door handles are also easily damaged by the polishing equipment. Plastic trim can also be damaged by improper masking and will exhibit a white appearance once damaged.

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Preparation using precise masking is a very time consuming process that is vital before any polishing work is done. Our team with over 13-years of experience are able to mask even the most complex surfaces and components; be it straight lines, tapering edges or highly curved or angular planes.

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