From the time photos of the disguised test mule of the GP3 surfaced setting the internet ablaze with excitement to the final launch of the official build, MINI has made a profound impact across the globe with their cars.

The 3rd generation MINI John Cooper Works GP with a brutal 306 horsepower, limited to 3,000 units worldwide. Quite incredible for a car that laps the Nürburgring faster than the BMW M2!

We’ve worked through the last 150 man-hours performing detailing and protecting the GP3. We began with our Elements Detailing program for new car profiles, which aims to refine and correct swirls, scratches and holograms on paintwork, and to treat the interior Dinamica leather, along the wheels and calipers which were sealed with a heat-resistant coating.

We then proceeded to weave a completely different look for the GP3 with the amazing SatinGuard™ paint protection film. The matte film has a unique Hybrid Tri-Tone Technology, visually changing at each viewing angle from light absorbing matte, to satin sheen, and to a translucent finish. All with a manufacturer’s warranty for up to 10-years!

To find out more about SatinGuard™ PPF, visit or text us on WhatsApp via or on FB Messenger via . If you would prefer to speak to our friendly service staff, kindly call us at 03-7960-7940.

For a totally immersive experience, we’re located at:

AutoDetailer Studio
No.89A - P2, Block H,
Jaya One, No.72A,
Jalan Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz,
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia.

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