The Mercedes-GLA45 packs an inline-4 twin-scroll turbo engine that churns out 375 horsepower and 475 Nm of torque, going from 0-100km/h in 4.4 seconds. 

 Our client wanted to protect the paintwork of their car, and to bring its paintwork to a perfect finish.

We performed our Signature Detailing program on the car, which encompasses the coachwork, interior, as well as the wheels and brake calipers. We start with an identification process that will determine which panels are damaged, if any, and note the thickness of the paintwork, among other things. We then start the paintwork refinement program that aims to remove any swirls, watermarks, or imperfections that might be on the paintwork.

After that, the perfected paintwork and wheels are layered with our Hybrid Ceramic Coating, to provide an added barrier against the weather, and as for the wheels, to help with ease of maintenance.

After all cleaning work is completed, the interior is put through our 5 Stage Leather Feed system that details, conditions, and ensures a smooth and supple finish on the Artico leather. 

The client opted to protect their car with a matte paint protection system, SatinGuard™. The car was originally finished in a gloss paintwork called Cosmos Black. With SatinGuard™ installed, it refinishes the car in a semi-permanent way, turning it matte. SatinGuard™ is 210 microns thick to prevent damage from stone chips and light scratching. Aside from that, the film is chemical, stain, and etch resistant, and coupled with our seamless fitment, is sure to give the car a complete protection.

SatinGuard™ also has a Hybrid Tri-Tone Technology that enables it to appear as matte, satin, and translucent at different viewing angles.

Our Vehicle Protection Package is designed specifically for new cars and clients who are looking to protect their vehicles in the long run.

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