The Lamborghini Huracan Performante is powered by a 5.2L V10 engine that outputs 631 horsepower and 601 Nm of torque. The unit we had in was finished in “Nero Nemesis,” which is a matte black factory paint option under Lamborghini’s Ad Personam program.

This unit is also equipped in Forged Composite carbon fibre, allowing it to be stronger and more durable, while also enabling complex shapes and a more aerodynamic design.

The interior is finished in black alcantara, with laser cut seat patterns, and red accents.

The unit is fresh from the showroom and arrived for our Signature Detailing program, a custom-installation of SatinGuard™ PPF, as well as an installation of Spectra PhotoSync IRD®.

SatinGuard™ has a unique feature called Hybrid Tri-Tone Technology which gives it a different appearance at different angles, from matte, to satin, to translucent.

For the interior detailing, the alcantara is treated and protected with our 5-stage leather feed system. As for the exterior, the matte paintwork is decontaminated, and parts of the coachwork are treated with our Hybrid Ceramic Coating.

Our custom-installation of SatinGuard™ gives our signature seamless fitment, for an authentic factory-finish look. Meanwhile, the glossy Forged Composite carbon fibre parts are wrapped in ClearGuard Nano SR™ PPF

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