The latest headlamp units on modern vehicles are usually protected by a very fine coating over an existing polycarbonate structure. Typically very thin coatings, they usually wear down by sand, grit and debris leaving your headlamps with a yellow or cloudy appearance resulting in poor lighting performance while driving at night. Apart from the obvious hazards of poor visibility, these new generation polycarbonate headlamps also house complex mechanisms for beam height and form and usually incorporate high intensity lighting discharge units that can be costly to repair or replace if broken. 

 Our latest offering for 2016 is our DEFENDER Headlamp Protection Film that will protect the original coating on these headlamps while forming an invisible barrier against sand, grit and debris. DEFENDER's 120-micron base eliminates the micro-scratches that wears down and clouds your headlamp unit allowing you to drive through the elements with confidence! DEFENDER's high strength polymeric formula provides an additional level of protection against stone chips; reducing the chance of cracking or breakage of these high tech headlamp units, potentially saving you many thousands in replacements!

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