This limited-production Porsche Cayman GT4 is being given our all-weather SiO2 coating or commonly known as a glass or quartz coating. In partnership with SONAX® of Germany, this tough coating forms an invisible layer over your existing topcoat of your paintwork to prevent your paintwork from oxidising. Unlike wax, which tends to only last 2 to 3 weeks in tropical heat and soon starts to build-up on re-application; a SiO2 coating from SONAX can last up to a year and requires only a weekly wash to maintain its tough glossy finish! As part of a detailing program, coatings should be renewed annually to ensure your paintwork remains protected.

Coating systems are a simple, lightweight and practical protection solution. Feel free to contact our friendly service staff on +603 7960 7940 to find out more about our coating solutions for your paintwork!

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