It’s not often that one gets to observe how a lone rather unassuming individual walks into a space with one bag and creates a sculpture in motion. Akira Nakai, is no stranger to sculpting 911s into something totally unique tailored to each client. 


The morning began with a gleaming Porsche 993 Targa already prepped by AutoDetailer Studio’s crew sitting ready for Nakai San’s arrival. A man of a few words, he began with preparing all the fibre-reinforced polymer panels for fitting. His meticulous handwork with just basic tools and a keen eye makes for a sight to behold.


The amazing sight to behold was Nakai San drilling the holes in the bumper panel without the aid of guides or rulers nor templates. After the front bumper was fitted after preparation and the result was perfect panel gaps on all sides. No further adjustments needed! He certainly knows his 911s! 


The most arduous part of the process is cutting the body panels from the car prior to fitment of the new wheel arch sections which is done using a basic cutting tool without any guides. All sections are cut in perfect symmetry. Effortlessly. 


Using a handheld sander, Nakai San finishes off the grinding and smoothing out of all cuts before he begins fitting the new fibre-reinforced polymer wheel arches. 


The process of fitting itself is again done without any rulers or measuring tools… just his keen eye and a strip of masking tape. 


The next order of the build is fitting all the necessary braces for the panels and skirting to ensure structural rigidity. 


After the wheel arches are fitted, he goes through a painstaking process of making the necessary suspension adjustments by hand before the new wheels are fitted. 


As a final touch, all new panels fitted receive a matching black epoxy sealant on all new panels. The process is rapid, precise and finished within a short span of time. 


After much inspection and checks, Nakai San is finally satisfied that his new creation is ready to be unveiled!


Karajishi, The Protector Of The Realm is born!


Photojournalism by Azrul K Abdullah // Studio Image by Darren Chang



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