Choosing Right
Whether it is a daily drive or a brand new ride, installing a new accessory becomes pertinent to protecting oneself from access heat, UV exposure and from the general stresses of physical discomfort while driving. In the tropical Malaysian climate where ambient temperatures rise up to 38ºC and cabin temperatures almost double that, selecting the right window tint is crucial to driver and passenger comfort.

Beating The Heat
Now available in Malaysia, Spectra PhotoSync IRD® is currently the most advanced-performing heat-blocking window tint on the market. With a TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) of up to 80% and a consistent IRR (Infrared Radiation Rejection) of up to 99% between wavelengths of 900nm - 2200nm, it is currently the industry leader in heat-rejection. In addition to that, Spectra PhotoSync IRD® also combats 99.5% UVA and UVB radiation, ensuring absolute comfort and peace of mind to both drivers and passengers.

Spectra PhotoSync IRD® is now available in the series: SPH70, SPH55, SPH45, SPH30.

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