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Malaysia's tropical weather has always been an issue when it comes to keeping your paintwork in pristine condition. The heat, UV, moisture and rain abrade and wear down your top coat and ultimately damaged your paintwork and also the value of your prized vehicle. AutoDetailer Studio has over 10-years of experience working with the best Paint Protection Film partners to deliver the best protection you can get for your automobile! 

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Great to finally put it up on the wall! AutoDetailer Studio has been certified as the sole Master Detailer in Malaysia by SONAX® Germany after reviewing our work and our detailing processes. As a strategic partner with Sonax® we’re glad to say it was a team effort to get recognised and we look to continually move forward; to innovate and seek to improve ourselves to ensure our knowledge base is invested back in serving our customers!


Self-Heal Before


Self Heal After

Yes we’re not pulling a fast one here! What you’re looking at is our new ClearGuard® Nano PF Paint Protection Film which is our flagship offering for 2016. Offering nearly 400% more protection that your a clear coat on your existing paintwork; ClearGuard® Nano PF is able to not just handle stains and stone chips, but also offers a unique Self-Healing feature for those minor abrasions.