The Ferrari 458 Italia was one of the best Ferraris from the Maranello stable in many years. This example in Avus White came by the batcave and our team has worked on bringing it back to its original condition!


After a busy couple of weeks of renovation, the Creative Room is finally ready! This new space will house our content creation team; including our video editing facilities! All our content is generated in-house and edited on-site. We plan to feature more great cars that showcase our protection & detailing solutions; and how these solutions can benefit your car!

masking tape3

The process of detailing involves a fair amount of polishing and our technicians spend a great deal of time preparing surfaces before the actual automotive detailing work begins. Using painters tape, all corners, crevices, decals and plastic components. Crevices are typically taped to prevent any polishing residue and compounds from entering these areas.