Self-Heal Before


Self Heal After

Yes we’re not pulling a fast one here! What you’re looking at is our new ClearGuard® Nano PF Paint Protection Film which is our flagship offering for 2016. Offering nearly 400% more protection that your a clear coat on your existing paintwork; ClearGuard® Nano PF is able to not just handle stains and stone chips, but also offers a unique Self-Healing feature for those minor abrasions.

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Nothing like taking a 4x4 off-road to explore nature and to discover unseen landscapes. The very idea of liberating oneself from the city is why many choose to go off-road. It’s also a great chance to brush-up on your off-road driving skills!

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We did a round of raw unedited photos of cars we’re working on as well as goings on in the studio and we decided to clear up one common issue on what the ‘orange peel’ effect is. Like most Paint Protection Films (PPF), all are typically made from a polymer and are designed to adhere on an automobile as a ‘second skin’ to become a sacrificial barrier to stone chips, debris and elements that cause oxidation of the paintwork.