For anyone who has a fascination with automobiles, the originality of the paintwork is a key element to consider. Especially for collectible vehicles, paintwork from the manufacturer is a key element in determining its future value. Original paint colours are also vital especially for highly collectible cars. Often certain custom colours offered by manufacturers are extremely difficult to replicate if a car is re-sprayed. Original paint scores highly every time! The better the condition, the higher the resale value.

Honda NSX 1

When the Honda NSX came into the bat cave recently, we’ve been working tirelessly to bring this legendary car back to its original glory! Our most recent update on this restoration includes the fitment of an extremely rare NSX Type-S S-ZERO kit from Honda, which includes a special race style steering wheel and shifter knob.


Technology changes and environmental codes of the modern age have mandated that automotive paints be water-based. Virtually almost any new car since the early 90s, are painted with water-based paints. Traditional solvent-based paints are known to emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) that generally regarded as harmful to human health and the environment.