Our Elements Detailing Program is highly suited for new car owners who want the edge in aesthetics and who want to protect and seal in that ‘showroom’ finish! One of the key areas we look at when detailing vehicles is the interior leather upholstery. Leather, unlike synthetic materials, leather is organic and requires care for long term durability.


The Honda NSX requires no introduction. It remains one of the most enigmatic cars and has somehow remained timeless. Crafting a superlative finish on such a well recognised icon is our latest assignment!


Quality control is the key to attaining benchmarks that we set to ensure the best results from our work. ‘Looks good’ is not enough for our quality control team!

Every car undergoes a full paintwork analysis to ascertain both the type of paint, thickness and the existing gloss factor. Prior to undertaking any vehicle for detailing work for our Signature or Elements Detailing Program, our technicians will scrutinize the gloss factor BEFORE and AFTER the detailing work is done.